We are a group of experienced professional for a dozen years in the field of digital technologies and information technology. In 2018, we agreed to establish a forum as a place we create and develop ideas that we could not do when we were still working on a variety of national and multi-national companies. We called the place as PT Trimitra Cipta Solusi.

PT Trimitra Cipta Solusi is a company engaged in development of systems that include instrumentation and software, as well as product development. The instruments we have developed are microprocessor or microcontroller-based electronic instruments for various purposes, such as:

  • Automation. Designing control systems for automation in industry and smart building, such as temperature and humidity control systems, security systems, control systems for elevator, escalator, lighting, and so forth.

  • Displaying system. Applying digital technologies in the world of display for various purposes such as promotion, information center,  customer flow management (queuing machine), and so forth.

As for software, we developed product that includes:

  • LyndaERP™. A sotware that handles business process in a company. LyndaERP™ was designed and developed with very high flexibililty, making it very easy to use, and works best on small, medium, or large scale companies.

  • Wepay. Software designed and developed to help you to manage the payroll process along with the parameters that are involved in it, such as attendance, overtime, permission to leave, and so on. Calculation of salary of all employees is done automatically, as easy as pressing a button.

  • Custom software development. Tailoring software according to the specifications requested by the client.

The Vision

Being a systems development company, both instrument and software, which is always able to compete and grow healthily.

The Missions

  1. Generate a reasonable income to support the development if the enterprise and provide a satisfactory dividend to shareholders.

  2. Developing various types of systems and products both instrument and software associated with market needs with quality and competitive prices through a professional development process for client satisfaction.

  3. Giving award to employees through the provision of adequate welfare, providing a safe work environment, healthy and comfortable, providing opportunities for career development and innovate.

  4. Establish partnerships which mutually beneficial cooperation with other parties.

  5. Provide genuine concern to the community through job creation, social development, and environmental support.